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Storm Z-Stick

Storm Z-Stick

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Storm Z Stick Topwater Lipless Hard Lure

  • Quick-turning walk-the-dog surface lure
  • Glides long off to the sides
  • Internal rattle for added attraction
  • Strong keel to keep hooks down and improve the hook-up rate
  • Holographic, metallic and painted finishes
  • Premium VMC Perma Steel hooks

Model - ZS115 | Length - 11.5 Cm | Weight: 24 gm (7/8 oz) | Buoyancy - Floating

Walk-the-dog longer with Storm’s Z-Stick, part of our “Tactical Baits” series. Designed specifically to perform longer and wider surface glides, the Storm Z-Stick allows you to effectively fish the spot you are targeting for longer, keeping it in the strike zone. Storm’s surface Z-Stick takes out the body roll and keeps the lure upright, improving hook presentation during your entire retrieve. Cast it out and rip it back, or walk the dog in the way only a Storm Z-Stick can.

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