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Shimano Spheros SW

Shimano Spheros SW

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To keep fishing at all times.

SPHEROS SW is designed for harsh saltwater conditions and is generously equipped with technologies that break out of the norm in its price range, including the X-Shield, which boasts waterproof performance equivalent to IPX-8, X-Protect, X-Ship, and HAGANE body. The 2021 model is additionally equipped with an infinity drive, HAGANE GEAR, and carbon cross washers for even greater durability and performance. The use of HAGANE GEAR and machine-cut aluminium handles has reduced the dead weight by 50 to 85g compared to the previous model. The five items of 5000HG, 6000HG, 6000PG, 8000HG, and 8000PG, which are of high importance in inshore waters, are covered, adapting to a wide range of GAMEs, from jigging to casting, both inshore and offshore.

Model 6000HG
 Gear Ratio 5.7
Max Drag 10 Kg
Weight 450 g
Bearings 4+1
Line Capacity (PE-M) 2-440, 3-300, 4-210
Line Retrieve 103 Cm
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