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Rapala Crush City 'Heavy Hitter" 4"

Rapala Crush City 'Heavy Hitter" 4"

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When you are chasing big aggressive predators and need to get the job done, send in the Heavy Hitter.

The Heavy Hitter is a 4-inch paddle tail soft plastic with a difference. Made from T.P.E. material and designed to stand up to aggressive strikes from larger predators. The use of T.P.E material also produces an excellent body roll coupled with a bite enticing side to side sway from the paddle tail. This combination has proven deadly on a wide range of Australian species.

The T.P.E. material of the Heavy Hitter has been infused with both salt and fish scent to improve the appeal of the plastic and reduce the need for additional scents to be applied.

The Heavy Hitter can be rigged several ways and is a highly versatile plastic. Rigged on a standard VMC Brawler Jighead the Heavy Hitter is perfect for fishing open water, around structure or jigged near the bottom utilising its action to fool predators. If you are fishing heavy cover the Heavy Hitter can be rigged with a weedless hook to avoid getting hung-up whilst fishing deep into the snags.

If you are looking for a baitfish imitation that gets the hits send in the Heavy Hitter!

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