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Cast & Catch Hookara Jig Heads

Cast & Catch Hookara Jig Heads

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C&C - Cast and Catch Hookara Jighead

Introduction C&C Hookara Jighead
● Forged Hook
● 3D Eye
● Bright-Tin Coated
● Ultra-Antirust

Weight & Size range from 10 to 22 gram & 2/0 to 6/0.

C&C Hookara Jigheads are well equipped with Needel Point Hooks.

Forged jig head hook offers superior strength and durability for tackling even the toughest of fish.

Real 3D eye on a jig head enhances its realism and visibility in the water, mimicking the appearance of natural prey and potentially attracting more fish.

An ultra antirust jig head is designed to resist corrosion and maintain its integrity even in harsh marine environments.

Bright tin-coated jig head hooks enhances antirust and durability by forming a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and ensures longevity in various fishing conditions.

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