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Owner Tango Dancer 115mm

Owner Tango Dancer 115mm

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Introducing the Owner Tango Dancer 115 - Your Premier Floating Minnow Lure!

Experience precision in angling with the Owner Tango Dancer 115:

  • Dynamic Movement: This lure replicates the brisk and lifelike motion of natural prey, ensuring it's an irresistible target for fish.

  • Streamlined Design: Crafted with top-quality materials, the Tango Dancer 115 features a sleek body that maximizes flexibility and realism in the water.

  • Balanced Weight System: Navigate varying water currents with ease, thanks to the engineered fixed weight system that guarantees precise swimming.

Elevate your fishing gear collection with the Owner Tango Dancer 115 and achieve unmatched success on your next fishing expedition.

 Model Tango Dancer 115
Length 115mm / 11.5Cm
Weight 25g
Type Top Water
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